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In my previous post, I wrote about the time that I tested out Great Lengths Hair Extensions while working at Today, I bring back that time that I tried Euro Locs for the first time.

Beauty Buy or Beware: Euro Locs Hair Extensions

It’s that time again — out with the old and in with the new. This week I stopped by Toronto’s Continental Hair and got the chance to test out a new set of extensions called Euro Locs. If you may remember, I previously tested out theGreat Lengths hair extensions. Now, it’s over three months later and it’s on to the next brand.

When it comes to the preparation, the basics are the same — start with a consultation. Luckily for me, I had already dealt with hair extensions, so it wasn’t required, but for those of you who are looking to try out a new set of locks, make sure you take the time to sit down with your stylist to determine if you’re a good candidate for the process and to talk over the details of the colour, cut, style and length you desire.

One of the major differences with Euro Locs compared to other hair extensions is the ability to reuse them – yes, you heard me — reuse! Other bonding methods cost upwards of $1,500 but only last for a few months, so the Euro Locs are a great option when it comes to saving some money while still getting exceptional quality.

So, how exactly do these extensions work if they’re not bonded to the hair? Small un-detectable copper tubes (coloured to match your hair’s hue) are slid over a small section of your hair which is matched with an extension of the same thickness. The metal tube is then clamped closed close to your scalp. Sure, the thought of pieces of metal may seem uncomfortable, but it feels the same as a bonded extension — and only hurts for the first few days while the hair loosens. It takes a while for your hair to grow a little so the bonds aren’t so tight. Luckily, this was a short-term side effect and I’m now free to do what I please with my new look.

Since the hair isn’t bonded with a chemical substance, there’s no need to worry about damaging your natural hair. In fact, this is a great way to grow your hair out while looking like you have more length. If you wish to keep your faux long locks for a long period of time, a standard two hour maintenance appointment every 6 weeks is a must. The stylist will simply go through the extensions, unclamp them and move them up the hair to keep a seamless look while your natural hair grows.

Because the hair is made from human hair, it’s also safe to dye, perm and treat it as if it were your own. The problem I found with Great Lengths was the fact that when I was straightening or curling my hair, I had to keep the tools away from the keratin bonds, whereas the Euro Locs are metal so it isn’t an issue. I can straighten from root to tip for a perfect finish.

If you’re only looking at a one-time use, the average person can expect to get 8-12 weeks worth of wear before having to get them removed.While it’s natural to lose your own hair, it’s also natural to lose some extensions over the course of the wear — which is why, if you do happen to lose one, you should hold onto it. The salon will be able to re-attach it on the next appointment, saving you time and money from having to buy a new ‘do.

During my experience it took a total of four-and-a-half hours for the full installation. Compared to the Great Lengths, it was about the same, so definitely head to the salon with a good book. Like Great Lengths, these aren’t easy on the wallet.

While the price depends on each individual, Euro Locs can range from $1,400-$2,600.

Rating: 5/5

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