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The 9 Struggles Every Girl with Hair Extensions Knows

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We’ve all been there and as a female, we all know by now that beauty is pain – and not to say that hair extensions are painful, but the struggle is real. While all of this is totally manageable and worth it to have long, flowing locks, we can’t help but poke fun at some of the struggles that come with having hair extensions.

1. Beauty is Pain

The tighter the better. There is nothing that can compare to fresh, new extensions, but let’s be real, it can be a little painful the first couple days. It’s nothing that is unbearable, but a glass of wine and an Advil are definitely a gal’s best friend.

hair extensions

2. The Itch

This doesn’t happen to all ladies, but for some, new extensions mean the dreaded itch (seriously, only a few gals get this, but if you do, you totally get this!)

hair extensions

3. Hold Up, Wait a Minute!

Wash ‘n go? Don’t even think about it! Extensions need to be kept dry, so you better get acquainted with your dry shampoo, or allow a few extra minutes to dry your new ‘do – okay, at least the bonds.

hair extensions

4. You’re Gonna Feel Hot, Hot, HOT!

Depending on the time of year, you may feel the heat. Remember, you’ve added hair on your head, this may increase the heat.

hair extensions

5. Slip and Slide

I can’t condition my scalp? WHAT?! For any ladies who have had extensions, you know the dreaded rule of keeping anything slippery away from your bonds. the good news is, you’re not really supposed to condition your roots anyways – so you’re a-ok.

hair extensions

6. What Is Even Real?

Getting hair extensions for the first time? Overwhelmed with information? Hearing scary stories? Year, we feel your pain. The good news is that any questions you have, we’ve already answered on this site! Still confused – call or text us: 905 691 4282.

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7. So Many Choices, So Little Time

Remember the first time that you were looking to get extensions and there were just SO. MANY. OPTIONS. Seriously, it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. Fusion? Micro-ring? Tape-In?UGH. SO. MANY. CHOICES. Where am I? What’s my name? I just don’t know anything anymore. Help?

(Or just take our hair extension quiz…)

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8. Can I Feel Them?



Ugh. We’ve all been there. As soon as you tell that one person, they just HAVE to get all up in your business. Bitch, get your own damn extensions. Love’s In The Hair is making them affordable. Paws off this perfectly coiffed ‘do.

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9. Parting is Such Sad Sorrow

Sigh. The time has come to take them out — and for some girls, this is just too much to deal with because they’ll just get them put right back in the next day. The struggle is real — and they’re bloody addictive. Once you start, you just can’t stop. Every hair extension fan sheds a little tear when it’s time to say goodbye to their diva-like ‘do.

hair extensions

Despite all of this, however, there is just something about them that keeps us coming back for more. From that extra pep in your step, to the ability to do those DIY Pinterest ‘dos that your friends can’t do — hair extensions will always have a special place in our heart — and head.

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