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How To: Affordable Hair Extensions in Toronto

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Why are our Toronto-based hair extension services so affordable?

Here’s how and why our Toronto hair extension prices are so low:

Affordable hair extensions in Toronto? Yes, it’s true! One question that we’re always asked when clients are looking for affordable hair extensions in Toronto is, “Why are your hair extension prices so affordable?”

Well, let us explain.

First of all, when planning our Toronto hair extension business we really wanted to set ourselves apart with affordable pricing and a great quality product. So, we put our thinking caps on and put our brains together on how we could achieve this goal.

First, it started with sourcing a great supplier – we are so lucky to get amazing prices on our hair and yes, it’s 100% real.

We promise.

In fact, we pinky promise.

Instead of offering big brand names, and the hefty price tags that are included in carrying those lines, we opted for a great quality wholesale line that offers the great durable quality – but without the fancy schmancy price tag. We’re also not afraid to publicize our affordable prices for our hair extensions. You can find them here. 

Secondly, we thought to ourselves – “Hey, if we want to keep our prices low, we need to model our business where we keep our overall costs low.” Thus, we do consultations. These consultations aren’t just to hang with you and ask you random questions (albeit, we totally love hanging. Hey, gurl!) but in fact, we colour to match your exact hue and do a custom order to get your affordable hair extensions in Toronto studio. Our Economy and Standard line take 1-2 business days to ship, while our luxury line, we opted to source a big fancy schmancy name, So Cap Original, to appease our lovely ladies who want to go to the brand-name route, and they ship in approx 7 days.

Which hair extensions are for you? Take our super handy quiz! (It’s, like, really handy. For reals.)

C.) Oh wait, we’re doing numbers. Ok, so thirdly — we don’t have a storefront. Why? We decided that the age old adage of “Location! Location! Location!” really was something. So, we decided that we would take advantage of online marketing (give us a follow on Instagram shameless plug) and word of mouth to spread the word about our little studio. The good news is that it’s totally easy to find and it’s super convenient for those in Toronto or any ladies coming in from out of town. Our nifty little studio of affordable hair extensions in Toronto is located at King and Spadina  see, super easy!

And that, friends, is how we offer a great low price – with REAL human hair.

Badda boom. Badda bing. That’s how you get affordable hair extensions in Toronto!

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