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Will Hair Extensions Damage my Hair?

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You’re not alone in asking this question. One of the most popular questions that we get is “will hair extensions damage my hair?”

Short answer: No.

First of all — we all have that one friend who had a bad experience with hair extensions and essentially ruined it for the rest of us.

First of all, hair extensions have come a long way in the past decade. With the likes of celebrities and social media, attaining long, gorgeous hair has been a massive trend. There are now numerous different methods of hair extensions, all that are good for different types of hair. We offer fusion, micro-ring, tape-in and micro-ring weft.

Obviously, anyone with damaged hair that is already falling out — or someone with frail hair, probably isn’t a candidate (and yes, we do turn people down if it’s not safe for them — keeping our reputation is more important that making a quick buck!) but for the rest of us, it’s totally safe — as long as you’re smart about it.

There are three main things to keeping your natural locks healthy while having hair extensions:

1. Maintenance
2. Upkeep
3. Removal


Maintenance will vary method to method, but there are a couple tried and true facts that every Rapunzel needs to keep in mind while rocking a fuller/longer mane.
Extensions need to be cared for on a daily basis. From sleeping with braided hair, to brushing tangles out — maintenance is a key part to keeping hair extensions in tip top shape. Every client receives a post care list to help with this. You can read more in our Post Care section here.


Extensions need a little extra attention. Plan on seeing your extension technician for touch-ups every 4-6 weeks. A typical person can expect to lose up to 10% of micro-rings or fusions. This is totally normal! Why does this happen? There are a variety of different reason why they come loose; wear and tear, hot months (oily hair) or just human error. A touch-up normally takes 30-40 minutes and costs only $45 (with us, at least!)


Unfortunately, there is that time that extensions need to be removed. (It’s a sad day for all extension mavens out there!) This is usually after your hair has grown out about and 1-1.5 inches.

So why is the removal part on the list of “ways that hair can get damaged”? Well, simple — while we love and support all the DIY divas out there, there are just some things that should be left to the pros — like hair extension removal. This may seem like a pretty easy task, but hair extension artists know how to get those little suckers out, without pulling out your own natural hair. We use special tools and formulas to break down fusions or remove micro-rings, and we can actually see the back of your head while doing it!

Typically, removal will take approximately an hour. If you, like most, can’t live without them after (which is most clients), we suggest stopping by your stylist and getting a little TLC on your own natural mane before reapplying. The best way to coordinate this is to stop in for removal on Friday night and then come back on Saturday for re-application.

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