PRESS: Lady-Like Leopard, My Fierce Extensions & 7 Questions with Love’s In The Hair Founder, Miranda Furtado

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Melina Morry Lady-Like Leopard x Love's In The Hair

Lady-Like Leopard: My Fierce Extensions & 7 Questions with Love’s In The Hair Founder, Miranda Furtado

One of our fave bloggers, Melina Morry from Lady-Like Leopard recently stopped by the studio and got herself some fab new locks! Check out her blog below to read the full interview!

I love having short hair. I feel most like myself with a shoulder skimming lob. Even with celebs like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian capturing the allure of butt-length hair in their street style pics, I just wasn’t convinced. That is, until I had the chance to try long locks for myself thanks to Toronto hair extensions salon, Love’s In The Hair.

However, the inspiration for my elongated mane was more Toni Braxton on The Heat album cover than any recent Rapunzel.

My time with the extensions, although a short & sweet three months, allowed me to experience the long, luscious hair life. Was it fun? Absolutely. However, it was also a lot of work! I’m more of a wash, brush and air dry kind of girl. That being said, I’d definitely recommend trying their extensions if you haven’t before! I felt like I transformed into my—er, Beyoncé’s—alter ego, Sasha Fierce, with them in.

Even though I didn’t completely feel like my usual self with an ultra-lengthy hairdo, the compliments I got were totallyworth it. People loved them! After all, we need a decent amount of admiration everyday to feel confident in ourselves and the confirmation I got did the trick for me. The best compliment of all? Probably that the extensions looked so good that people thought it was my natural hair! (My hair would have to grow at cheetah speed to get that long, that quick though.)

I caught up with Toronto hair extensions entrepreneur Miranda Furtado about her success with Love’s In The Hair, celeb hair inspiration (Kardashian, anyone?) and the golden rule of hair care…continue reading.

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