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NEWS: We Are Now Carrying Bellami Pro Hair Extensions

Bellami Hair Extensions in TorontoLove’s In The Hair Extension Studio Now Carrying Bellami Professional in Toronto

Have you heard the news?! We are now a licensed Bellami Pro hair extension studio! Yes, BELLAMI!

Sounds familiar? Well, that’s because Bellami Hair is a leader in the clip-in hair extension market. Bellami has recently launched their very own Bellami Professional line that includes semi-permanent hair extensions including: fusion, micro-ring, tape-in and sew-in.

Bellami Hair Extension Colour RingWhy are they so great? Bellami Professional hair extensions are made using only the finest cuticle intact, double-drawn 100% Remy human hair and are available in a wide variety of colours — but not just your typical colours. The Bellami Pro line has THE BEST ombre and sombre hair colours we’ve ever seen. Unlike some other lines, they don’t have a hard transition line and have a perfect hand-dyed effect with a gentle colour transition.

Other Benefits to Bellami Professional Hair Extensions:

  • The hair can last up to 9 months, with proper care and use (this DOES NOT mean per install — this means the hair itself can be reused for up to 9 months).
  • Texture – the texture is silky soft and requires little styling to blend into straight hair (can be styled for wavy or can be curled).
  • The tape-in top adhesive portion is smaller — so more comfortable for clients
  • Fusions are 20% smaller than industry standard 1 gram strands
  • Fusions are also available in micro size (.5 grams) for clients with finer hair
  • Micro-rings are also available in micro size (.5 grams)

Don’t believe us? Take a peek at one of our recent Bellami Professional installs from our Toronto studio:



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