Affordable Hair Extensions Toronto

Affordable Hair Extensions in Toronto — yes, it is possible!

We offer great quality — at a great price (because, honestly, who doesn’t love to save?)

So, you’re looking to find affordable hair extensions in Toronto, but not sure where to start? Don’t fret — we’ve got you covered.

We offer four types of affordable hair extension — Fusion, Euro-Lock/Micro-Ring, Tape-In and Micro Ring Weft Hair Extensions.




NEW! We are now offering Micro Ring Weft Hair Extensions!

Micro Ring Weft Hair Extensions

Looking to add glorious length and amazing volume — but don’t want to commit to fusion extensions? Look no farther! We’re now offering micro ring weft hair extension application!

This application takes approximately an hour and will last for about 4-8 weeks, depending on your care! They’re fast and easy to put in, and combine the Micro-Ring method listed below, with a weft (long sewn pieces of hair — think of clips ins — but longer!)

This is perfect for adding both volume and length, without the commitment — at a fraction of the cost!


Affordable Hair Extensions Toronto

Fusion Hair Extensions:

Hot fusion hair extensions (also known as keratin or bonded hair extensions) are the most popular type of hair extensions on the market. It is intricate and can be time consuming — but it’s the best bang for your buck.


Affordable Hair Extensions Toronto

Euro-Lock/Micro-Ring Hair Extensions:

Euro-Locks and/or Micro-rings (let’s just call them Euro-locks, shall we?) are similar to the bonded method mentioned above, when it comes to placement on the head and sections of hair that the extensions are attached to. However, the main difference is that when the hair is attached in the small sections, it is clamped on with a tiny ring, instead of heated keratin.


Affordable Hair Extensions Toronto

Tape-In Extensions:

In terms of technology, tape in extensions are the new kid on the block (cue Donny Wahlberg!)

These beauties use hair tape and most resemble clip-in extensions — just using tape, instead of clips. Hair is separated into very thin rows (about 1-2 inches long) and sandwiched between two sections of hair, as pictured above.


We offer a variety of lengths and colours — all an affordable price!

On top of being friendly to your wallet — we also go above and beyond and blend your extensions into you natural hair for no additional charge — so you’ll be red carpet ready at the end of your appointment!

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