Toronto’s Best Hair Extension Studio

Love’s In The Hair is Toronto’s top hair extension studio. We offer great quality — at a great price because we only specialize in extensions. That’s right — no dyes, no chemical treatments — just hair extensions.

So, you’re looking to find the best hair extensions in Toronto, but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered, girl!

We offer four types of hair extensions — Fusion, Micro-Ring, Tape-In and Micro Ring Weft Hair Extensions.

We offer a variety of lengths and colours — including our very own exclusive custom made Love’s In The Hair Extension Collection that is hand-dyed and made only for us. The Love’s In The Hair Extension Collection is multi-tonal and an easy match for most clients We carry this line in house, so it’s ready and on-hand for any appointment.

Included in every hair extension install appointment is a complimentary cut and blend of your new extensions. We will meticulously go through and ensure that your hair blends seamlessly into your added length, for no extra charge. You’ll be red carpet ready at the end of your appointment!

We also carry Global Best Beauty hair extensions. GBB hair is made to withstand even the roughest user and is available for a premium price. GBB is one of Toronto’s most popular hair extension brands, and we are proud to be a GBB authorized hair extension salon.

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