BELLAMI PRIVATE LAUNCH PARTY: Training With Guy Tang, Rickey Zito, Lara Kay…and More!

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BELLAMI PRIVATE LAUNCH PARTY: Training With Guy Tang, Rickey Zito, Lara Kay…and More!

In case you missed it, we recently went back to California for an exclusive VIP Bellami Launch party to celebrate the start of their professional training series — and to rub elbows with some of the best stylists on the planet (GUY TANG included!)

We hopped on a plane and for less than 24-hours we soaked up the California sun and all the knowledge we could handle. Some of the pro-line ambassadors/superstars included: celebrity stylists Rickey Zito, Lara Kay, Maribel and Kacey Welch for methods of fusions, micro-rings, tape-ins and the micro ring weft.

Now, if you’re new to Bellami, let’s get one thing straight — it’s pronounced BELL-AH-ME. (Not BELL-AW-ME in the way that sounds like an Italian meat.)

Bellami Toronto Hair ExtensionsBellami is only the most recognized hair extension brand in the world. (For realsies!) They’re synonymous with celebrity endorsements (hello, Kylie Jenner clip-ins!), they offer 5 different methods of application (fusion, micro-ring, tape-in, weft — and of course, their world-famous clip-ins) and they also have the largest colour shade range (including 42 shades with ombre  AND sombre collections!)

Now, if you have had their clip-ins, you’ll be familiar with the extensive knowledge in the world of hair extensions. Now, one thing that we should note is that the Bellami clip-ins are completely different from their new Bellami Professional line. Clip-ins are not meant to be worn 24/7 and are not built to withstand this kind of wear. The long-lasting professional ones, however, are completely made for this purpose — and depending on the method, can last up to 8-9 months with proper care.

There is some truth to the saying “ You get what you pay for” — and that cannot be more true for this deluxe brand! By investing in premium hair you are able to stretch that money a little more thin with multiple uses and longer wears.

Celebrity Live Hair Extension Demos

The Bellami Pro stylists took the stage throughout the 4-hour event. Here’s a look at some of our faves.


Known as the hair-god of vivid bright colours and other innovative rainbow techniques – Rickey is also a b3 Brazilian Bond Builder, Bellami Hair and Matrix brand ambassador. Not only has he won multiple Behind The Chair Awards, but also travels the world teaching other stylists his techniques.

Rickey demonstrated his flat and rounded bonds which is great for different hair textures! He also stressed that maintenance appointments are important (he offers a 4 week complimentary touch up which includes checking over the bonds and making sure the new hair growth isn’t tangling together). So ladies, make sure to keep those locks in tip-top shape by checking your bonds every single day. 

BELLAMI Hair Extensions TorontoLARA KAY

Celebrity stylist known for her tape installs but also works with educators around the US to teach applications of 7 different methods! Lara is known as the “Tape Queen” around LA for her speedy application and her pony tail tape placement! When placing tape extensions around the midshaft, Lara will place the sandwiches on an angle so her client can achieve that perfect sleek pony! (This is not recommended for normal wear). 

Guy Tang Toronto Hair ExtensionsGUY TANG

If you haven’t heard of Guy Tang, take a minute, do yourself a favour — AND GOOGLE RIGHT THIS SECOND!

Tang is a LA Colourist who is known around the world for his colour blends (ranging from soft ombres to crazy vibrant tones). Guy Tang is also the creator of Mydentity Color Line Creator. He work also includes highlights such as; Olaplex Ambassador, Kenra Professional Guest Artist and is a brand ambassador for Bellami (with his own extension clip-in line with his signature colour style!) Guy did a quick demo on how clip-ins can be blended with natural hair to create a seamless blend including using a razor. Choosing the right colours (hint: the more tones the better!) also helps create a natural look.

We want to thank Bellami again for having us out and for allowing us to be a part of their Private Launch Party!

Bellami Hair Extensions in Toronto 

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