Available Hair Extension Lengths

First of all, no, Jennifer Aniston is not a Love’s In the Hair customer (although, we would totally love that!) but this Friends alum:

  1. has the most coveted hair in history
  2. is a great person to use as an example of available hair extension lengths
    (albeit it, we’re pretty sure her epic mane is au natural!)

Hair Length Guide

  • Scheduled maintenance appointments are recommended every 2.5-4 months depending on the condition of your extensions and natural hair.
  • If you have any questions/concerns during the duration of the install, please contact Love’s In The Hair.
  • Love’s In The Hair is not responsible for any colour change/damage done to the hair if Blue/Purple/Silver or toning shampoo is used.
  • Extensions MUST be removed professionally (recommended to be removed at Love’s In The Hair, as our products work together) and that if they are not maintained/removed in a timely manner, it is solely your responsibility for the end result of your natural hair.

Colour Matching | Available Hair Colours

Hair is available in almost any colour and length.

If you opt for Fusion or Euro-Lock/Micro-Ring, and can’t find your exact colour, have no fear — colour blending is here! We can combine the two closest shades to achieve your exact colour!

Are you in the mood to try something totally different like highlights or ombre — but don’t want to commit to a permanent colour? We can do that, too — and without the harsh chemicals of dye!

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