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Available Hair Extension Lengths

First of all, no, Jennifer Aniston is not a Love’s In the Hair customer (although, we would totally love that!) but this Friends alum:

A.) has the most coveted hair in history

B.) is a great person to use as an example of available hair extension lengths
(albeit it, we’re pretty sure her epic mane is au natural!)

Hair Length Guide

15 inch hair extensions will fall a few inches below the shoulders.

20 inch hair extensions will land around bra band length (this is the most popular and most requested length!)

23 inch hair extensions are for girls that are looking for a dra-ma-tic look and will fall a few inches below the bust line.

Extensions available in nearly every colour.

*Lengths are on average — and since we’re all shapes and sizes, this is a loose guide for what to expect. Length will vary between customers.

Have questions? No worries!